How to get the runes in elden ring

1.How to get the runes in elden ring?

If you wanna get runes in elden ring, u must get Lord's Runes firstly. After you get it, you need to use them to get the runes.

By the way, 99x Lord's Runes is about 5M Runes.

how to use lord runes.jpg

One character just can take 699x Lord's Runes. 99x Lord's Runes is in your character inventory. The rest 600x Lord's Runes is in site of grace sort chest.

Where is site of grace sort chest ?

sort chest.jpg

 2.How to set the Multiplayer Password?

We will tell you the Multiplayer Password. Please do not create any group passwords.

password setting.jpg

  3.How to set online play ?


lianwang en.jpg


lianwang de.jpg


lianwang fr.jpg

if your platform is ps and your all game online play setting is right, but my trader still can not see your sign, please check your ps internet connection nat type. Please use nat type 2, not use 3.

  4.How to make a sign?

you can make a golden sign or a red sign.

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