1.How to buy from ezmmoplay?

  1.You should register a member of ezmmoplay firstly

  2.You need to know which currency you use to pay,such as USD,EUR

  The default payment currency in site is the EUR.You can change the currency in the top of the website.

  3.Choose what you want to buy and place an order.

  4.After the purchase,please contact the support service to confirm your order.

  You can contact them in the live room of the website,or write an email.

  5.After your order check is passed,the trader will deliver goods to you in game.

  6.After you recieve your goods,never give them to anyone.To protect your order security, please don't give 

your private information to anyone in game .

2.Why do we have to verify your payment?

 1.We have to verify if your payment is authorized by the owner of paypal,credit card and other payment methords.

 2.There are some buyers under 18 years old who paid by their parents' paypal,credit card without permission.

 3.Large amount of money or high frequent purchases.

3.Is ezmmoplay reliable?

 Yes of course.

 ezmmoplay is a trusted and professional site for selling game golds and items.

 ezmmoplay is trying the best to supply the best service for customers.

4.Can i get a refund before i get my purchase?

 Yes,we can give you a full refund before your order is completed.

 If you buy wrong items,or do not need your purcahse any longer,you can ask for a refund.We will give you a refund in 1-2 days.

 If you get your purchase, we will not give you a refund.

5.Why haven't I received my purchase for a long time ?

 If you haven't get your purchase for a long time.

 that's because your order is under checking,you should cantact us to confirm your order in time.

 or we have not enough stock suddenly.when we have stock ,we will give you your purchase as soon as possible.

6.How long can I receive the goods after I buy them?

 90% orders can be completed within 5-10 minutes,few order can be completed within 24 hours.

 If you wanna get your purchase quickly,Please contact us in time after you buy.

7.How do i contact ezmmoplay?

 If you have question,you can contact us by the live chat room,skype or email.The help sevice is 24/7 online.You can contact us at any time.

8.Why do i have to pay extra fee?

 This is because a small amount of payment, for us, there is no profit.If we have no extra fee,we may have a loss.